Alexandr Vatagin lives as a musician, producer and labelowner in vienna, is active in different bands like port-royal, tupolev, quarz and several other projects. until now he also released three critically acclaimed solo albums.

Alexandr Vatagin is always on the border of many different musical styles – as a musician and as a producer. from experimental electronic music to singer/songwriter music, from improvised music to rock, from jazz to dancemusic.

He collaborated with Martin Siewert (radian, trapist), Bernhard Fleischmann, Stefan Nemeth (lokai), Philippe Petit(strings of consciousness), Bernhard Breuer(elektro guzzi, metalycee) , Alexander Schubert(sinebag, ahornfelder), Peter Kutin(dirac), Nicolas Bernier, Fabian Pollack, Sweet Sweet Moon, George Bagdasarov and many others.

Alexandr played concerts in Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Slovenia, Belgium, Poland, Croatia, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Serbia, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Greece, Moldavia and in the UK.

His solo works and works he was involved in were released on labels like valeot, cronica, n5md, morr music, mikroton, 12rec, zymogen, moozak, filmarchiv austria and many more.

NEW ALBUM OUT 16th April:


Listen now to my new upcoming album "Serza" at bandcamp and get it in april as cd or vinyl. happy new year btw. :)

New release out now, get the "Telfs" Dvd (Austrian Filmarchive) with 60min composed music by Fabian Pollack and Alexandr Vatagin. Currently we are working on the best pieces to release an album in 2013.

My third solo album "Serza" is finally done after almost 6 years of work and will be released in april 2013 at Valeot as Cd &Vinyl. the first tunes here.
At the moment iam working on a second Quarz album, this time with Philippe Petit, Steven Hess and others.

Afer several years of work the first Quarz album "Five Years on Cold Asphalt" is out on Cronica now. featuring Nicolas Bernier, Martin Siewert, Stefan Nemeth and Alexander Schubert.

Cronica released my solo concert from 2010 in dresden/germany on their Cronicast as a free download, direct download here.


past dates

16.04.2013 -  5 years valeot & alexandr vatagin "serza" releaseparty @ rhiz - vienna - live: alexandr vatagin (with siewert/schweighart), kutin & werner kitzmüller


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